Tips to clean up with kids

Children do not like to clean up. They will never come to like it. Obviously, because most adults find cleanup not fun. It is best to start young with cleanup. Children then learn that it also belongs to the toy after the play is cleared again.

Together cleanup

cleanupThe most pleasant is to clean up together. It is much nicer to deal with the two of something. You’re siding, which goes further than just faster, but it’s a nice time to chat just about anything and everything. A child often talks simply easier when doing something, then sitting on the bench.

Moreover, you immediately set a good example. You show that it is quite normal to clean up. If you then still can do with a cheerful face, would you immediately that clean up can be fun.

Do games

To make cleaning up fun together can together do a nice game during cleanup. A great idea is to do a game for example: who can do the most (red) Lego bricks in the bucket. You can also put a song and then try to before the last song is already cleaned up the toys. Listening to music or singing is also very popular during cleanup. Try a cheerful, pleasant to work with!

Of course it is nice if the child knows what to do with his stuff. Give the child possibly in the living room a private place (drawer, cabinet, storage box) which he can let his stuff when he’s finished playing in the room and must be cleaned up.

Let children clean up their toys part by part, it remains clear for them. For example, start with first put all the books in the closet and then go clean up the layout. The smaller the cleanup job, the finer it is for a child as it is and gives results.


When a child has cleaned properly it is pleasant for the child to be rewarded. In young children it is nice to make time after the cleanup job for something fun. You could go to read, do crafts or play a game.

In older children the sticker technique can work well. Whenever the child has cleaned up properly or neat and be on time has done its taakje there can be a sticker or be stuck on a map. At a certain amount of stickers may face a reward here. Think of the self may choose a dessert or an outing one time or getting a (small) gift.

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