Normal anxiety in children

Children during their development often specific fears, which are quite normal. Everyone is sometimes afraid or anxious, but the situation we fear and how we use it, varies according to the stage of development. What do children fear and how do you cope?

anxietyFear is something quite normal, we all have ever experienced. It plays an important role in the life and serves to protect ourselves in threatening situations. Fear is a kind of survival mechanism. Fear creates a certain tension in the body so they create a focus on performance, and it also ensures that we are careful.

Children have different fears associated with their intellectual development. The more a child sees the world and learns, the more factors there which it may be afraid. Also can cause anxiety specific experiences. By stage of development of the child, there are other specific fears, which disappear as the child gets older and perhaps return again later in the same or in a different form.

Fear of noises
Babies are usually afraid of loud and sudden noises. Older children between 2 and 4 years are often afraid of certain sounds like that of a plane or thunderstorms.

Fear of the dark, monsters and scary creatures
Between 2 and 4 years, children have a huge imagination. They watch cartoons, stories get read and play with dolls in the form of monsters and trolls. Just fantasy sometimes provides them fears: evening everything terrifying in the dark. A moving curtain is a ghost, and among the best is stuck a crocodile. In this phase of the development of a child, it is often difficult for them to distinguish stories of reality. As a parent, it is therefore important to get the child regularly fantasy and bring back to reality.

Separation Anxiety
Between 8 and 18 months, infants are most suffer from separation anxiety. They are sad when someone goes out of their familiar surroundings and do not realize that mom or dad comes back a moment. This fear is basically in every child, but when one’s anxiety is stronger than the other. Usually it takes this fear until the age of 3 years, from that age, they feel too comfortable in the presence of “strangers.”

Fears can be overcome, in small steps. You can help your child! If your son or daughter is afraid of the dark, you can temporarily leave on a small night light in the bedroom. Gradually build up the use of the light off the child to dare to sleep completely in the dark. If your child likes consolation looking at a teddy bear or cloth, let it definitely now! It helps the child to overcome his fears himself.

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