Baby massage and emotional development

Baby massage or infant massage has besides various physical effects are also a good influence on the emotional development of children. Confidence, security, sitting comfortably in your skin; all this is accessible by regularly giving a massage to your child. Anyone can learn how to do this, provided that he or she has enough time and attention to give the massage.

BabyWhat you pay attention to when you massage your baby?

A massage that is given no attention is half as effective as a massage given by (loving) attention. The masseur is completely focused on the baby, let the baby know you can surrender to me and relax, I’ll make sure nothing happens to you. The effect of this is that the bond between masseur (older) and baby will become closer and the baby feels safe with the masseur.

Respecting the baby during the massage: each baby is unique and needs attention and touch in their own way. How can this be only to discover by always keep observing: the massage is not in a fast pace, the amount of pressure that is given pleasant, the amount of stimuli that the baby has to deal for him. By continuing to respond to what your child tells you (with body language and by crying) you give the baby the feeling that what he experiences is important and that it is listening to him. Thus increasing his self-esteem and he will sit comfortable in his skin. You also learn to respect him and to listen to his own body.

The pace
The pace of massage partly determines the relaxing effect of it. Usually, the lower the rate of movement, the more relaxed. Do you have a baby is very sleepy and you just want him to be more alert, you can just increase the pace of the massage.

The pressure
The pressure of the massage also has a certain effect; The more pressure, the more the child came in and just relax. This effect also see you back at very restless (more) children: if you give them firm pressure by pushing for example on the shoulder and grip firmly, they are quieter.

A baby is still very sensitive to everything that happens around him; After all, everything is new to him. Compare it to the first week in a new job; the whole day there so many new things at you that you are tired at the end of the day, alone of all impressions. Too long or massaging firm can lead to over-stimulation, which in turn can lead to a stressed child quieting only with great difficulty. Well look what the baby may therefore remains important throughout the massage so you timely stop massaging.

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